Rivore understands that logistics are vital to the successful trading of physical commodities. The dynamics of international trade continue to expand and in part create challenges of moving bulk materials in the process. The company retains an in-house logistic & traffic team that works with respected shipping operators, port agents, rail & barge lines and trucking companies, ensuring timely delivery of various metals and raw materials. With a network of strong relationships, Rivore provides optimal supply chain management services for getting metals and products from producer to end consumer.

Rivore’s asset management segment controls the storage of ferrous & non-ferrous metals, minerals and bulk commodity inventory. This includes four collection yard facilities and three warehouses in USA, Canada and China. With access to financial and risk management instruments, Rivore can effectively manage its physical commodity positions in volatile markets.

Rivore also provides its clients with onsite roll-off container services for industrial & demolition waste removal.





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