At Rivore we believe in giving our customers options.

Pricing options:
• Refining terms • Outright pricing

Shipping options:
• FAS port/ramp • Door to door • CIF port of choice

Payment options:
• Net days • Upon assay • Hybrid

Rivore believes in being completely transparent. Rivore guarantees:

• To give you a fair and accurate estimate of your materials value.
• Be there to answer any questions at any time.

Rivore can offer to identify potential niche markets for high value items in your E-scrap streams!

We are constantly working with North America, Asian and European customers who are looking to reuse specific components from the E-scrap recycing stream. We will teach you how to identify these items and in turn maximize your profits.

About Us

Rivore's team of recycling prfessionals brings together decades of knowledge and experience to offer customers a single source recycling partner.

Rivore's services will help your company save time, reduce risk and maximize profits.


Rivore is looking for all types of E-scrap. We purchase FLT and LTL quantities of commodities, circuit board scrap and high grade materials including sweeps and bullion. Some of the materials Rivoree is looking for:

• A/C adapters w/ or w/o wire
• Power supplies w/ or w/o wire

• Server power supplies
• HDD drive (broken, shred or whole)

Circuit boards:
• Telecom boards (low/mid/high)
• P3 boards
• P4 boards (OEM/colored)
• Server boards (P3/P4)
• HDD Boards
• Cell phone boards
• Shredded low grade post-consumer electronics

High grade:
• PM sweeps • PM bullion

Rivore offers premium pricing on the following materials:
• Gold memory
• Smart phones
• Finger cards
• SSD drives

For many of these materials there is no minimum quantity.


Contact our services team to find out how we can best help you and your company succeed.


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