Often referred to as “Petcoke,” is a solid waste residue that is the byproduct of “cracking” process when refining petroleum. The material is black or charcoal in color and can range in size/shape from fine dust particles to that of a large ball. Petcoke retains a high carbon concentration, high calorific heat value, low ash but higher sulfur levels than most other solid fuels. Given the material’s characteristics, it is ideal for applications requiring high energy usage, such as cement and glass manufacturing.

Green Petcoke that has undergone the “calcining” process in a rotary kiln then becomes Anode-Grade Petcoke. In the process, metal impurities and moisture are driven off, resulting in a highly concentrated, sponge-like product that is charcoal in color. Anode-Grade Petcoke is mainly used in the manufacturing of green anodes for primary aluminum smelting worldwide.

Anodes (Prebaked) are a manufactured product containing calcined petcoke and waste anode fragments bonded by tar-pitch. They are then baked at 1100-1200°C to produce a graphitized, rectangular shaped block used as an electricity conductor during smelting aluminum. Rivore trades green anodes, prebaked anodes and waste anodes for reuse.

The primary coal used in electricity generation globally. Thermal coal, also referred to as “steam coal” is used in industrial boilers to make steam to run the turbines during power generation. Thermal coal can be either bituminous & sub-bituminous, with a range of heating values. Thermal coal still remains the primary source for power generation in both the developed & developing world, being the lower cost (per calorific value unit) when compared to other sources such as natural gas or renewables.

Often referred to as “Coking Coal,” is the primary coal used to produce “coke,” the integral ingredient used in blast furnaces for steel production. It is a bituminous coal with lower sulfur & ash than thermal coal. Prior to use in steel making, metallurgical coal is heated to more than 1000 °C in a battery oven, removing excess moisture and volatile matter and producing a highly concentrated carbon solid - metallurgical coke. The material that is paired with iron ore in the blast furnace. Large met coal deposits are found within the Appalachian region of the USA, Australia, Western Canada, CIS region and Russia.

Rivore trades various coal & coke products into the steel, metallurgical, cement and power industries.




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