Bauxite is a naturally occurring oxide ore that is used as the primary raw material when producing aluminum. The ore can be distinguished by its reddish-brown color and is typically found in shallow deposits occurring beneath sediment and therefore, making extraction easier than other minerals. The material can sometimes be used as a replacement for clay and aggregate in niche industries. Bauxite is mostly traded in dry bulk arrangements.

Bauxite ore can be further processed and refined into Alumina Oxide, an integral component of the primary aluminum smelting process. The material is typically white or gray in color and retains high Al2O3%, nearly pure 98-99%. The product is traded globally, with major markets being where aluminum smelter capacity is highest, mainly Asia, Russia and the Middle East. Given its properties, alumina is also highly used in the ceramics and refractory industries.

Rivore trades bauxite & alumina into the aluminum, cement, metallurgical and refractory industries.



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